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Working From the Road


Personally I don't work on the road. I do know several RVers that do work at Wal-Marts as they travel.

You probably have this one on your list or have seen and/or heard of it - filling different shapes of bottles with different colors of sand. The  reason I mention it is because I worked with 3 guys that each did it, individually that is, at fairs and festivals. One wouldn't had done it unless it was profitable since he gave new meaning to cheap, I mean frugal.LOL One of the other made enough to pay cash for a Jaguar, car that is.LOL Not sure how the other did. They also sold those lights that when you bend them they glow; kids seem to love both - the sand bottles and the glow sticks - and they don't take up much room. The frugal guy always checked out the price of a place or area at the fair or festival. He did so well, that he was even hiring high school kids to do it at another booth at the same event.

I haven't heard of many making much money selling the herbs for making dips. Guess those free samples satisfies the appetite LOL

One thing I found interesting, as an RVer and geo-cacher, was the RV  Angel Pins. I saw them at a flea market in FL and brought all the Class A ones he  had. Even though they were only $1 each, he took $5 off since I brought all 30 or  so that he had. They come in Class A, B, and C silver and the angel is gold  over the RV. I haven't seen them for trailers or 5th wheel. They sell well in FL with a lot of snowbirds and I would think a place like Quarztsite or any gathering of RVers they would do well.

I know a woman that makes decals for the FreeRoaders; another guy use to make buttons for the GTGs and gave them away; I always told him he should  charge for them since he was making 30-40 for each GTG. When I held the Mardi Gras GTG there were over 80 RVers there but he only made them for the FreeRoaders and not the WINs who attended. All depends on how handy you are.

Don't know if you know of the 2 Crazy Ladies, they surely aren't crazy,  who make name tags, and other pins at GTGs, especially Escapades. They are so busy they even add workers at each GTG. They also have expanded to doing hats and  selling pocketmail devices. They have a large Class A which they tow a trailer  with and also have a Class B that they other crazy lady drive. There is also a guy who does the pins out of one Class A. Guess it depends on how much you want  to work and how much money you want.




I'm a carpenter- cabinet maker    41 years old,  single, male.

I travel with a van full of tools and a travel trailer.  

When I find a place I like I talk to the campground owner to see if they need repair work done, most do.  If that doesn't work out I look for work outside the CG  as
a carpenter.  

I also use   have had 2 jobs from that site.    Right now I'm in Wisconsin,  I was workcamping next to a couple from Texas and they have asked me to come to Houston and do some work on their house this winter.  

Then off to the east of Houston to work on my sisters
house.  and the road goes on forever.    Randy


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