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Working While RVing

Many young families are among the nearly 8 million RV-owning households.  Many travel full time and make their living from the road.

More RVs are now owned by those age 35 to 54 than any other group, according to a study by the RVIA and the University of Michigan.

It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that many of those families work while RVing.

Sometimes, it's a matter of convenience, to support their existing work environment.

Many who were already working from the road, trade their lonely hotel rooms and restaurant meals for the comfort of an RV and the companionship of their families.

Other avid RVers look for ways to support their preferred lifestyle.

Some do "work camping", others find volunteer work or other jobs in nearby communities to help cover expenses. and still others build their own "on the road" business.

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